My parents and I immigrated to the US and had to wait on a waitlist. it is not fair that people from Mexico can just walk over when they feel like it to immigrate here.

Fine. Lemme give you an example of an illegal immigrant who have immigrated illegaly to multiple countries before finally coming hereand now adopted by my neighbors. He i sa rohingya from Barma. When he was 11 years old, Barma police burned his dad inside their burning house. He ran away when those police were raping his mom and sister, and possibly killed them later. If he stayed there, probably he wouldn't even be alive.

I never said to pack up and go, I say to keep it in your pants, male or female.

Tell me how keeping it in his pants would help him or you or the privileged Americans. He was literally 11. So see, every single of this people have different and unique stories. Don't judge and attack them while you are sitting in comfort of your own home, you have a fridge full of food, when your wife isn't getting raped forcefully, when you have enough money in your savings, when you have your health or life insurance and when you know for a fact you won't get murdered or killed by your government.

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