why is my problem that I can't find myself a girlfriend,I really appreciate it if sb can help me, specially you girls :/

to be precise and concise, I am 26, live in the netherlands in a student town, full of girls. I never had a real gf and I really am putting my shit together to make it work but don't know what the problem is. I am not ugly, hopefully, I am actually kinda good looking, since fairly enough number of girls seem to be interested in pubs or clubs or... . I am neither shy, and actually can dance really good, I remember people in a social event started taking video from me and the girl i was dancing with! the only thing i am not confident is that i am from Iran, and don;t know if they are or not but has happened that after 30 min of talking and dancing, she asks me where i am from and then after the reply she waits 10 sec and leaves! i don't know, should I tell a lie about it? or my friend for example, told me you should dance with more intimate, but I have heard from others that girls may think i am a creep to dance to much with touching her and stuff...i am not funny inherently but I really am hopeless in changing it... don't know really, I don't want to talk with my friends (girls) who are close tome about it, bc nowadays people judge easily and may think I am loser, but then there is no way of learning my mistakes...any idea?

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