Need help deciding between purchasing an MPC1000 or a Digitakt

I feel the Digtakt is more of an instrument, the MCP1000 is more of an accompanier.

The Digitakt's sequencer is MUCH more limited than an MPC - but how much that affects you depends on the complexity of your songs and the amount of attention are you able to give the Digitakt during a performance.

Each Digitakt pattern has 8 sequence tracks, each track has 4 max "polyphony" (I feel it is closer to paraphony because changes to chords tied to each other will retrigger every note in the chord and not just the different notes) and up to 64 max steps (normally 4 bars of 16th notes). You can chain consecutive patterns, and you can configure steps to only trigger on certain iterations of that pattern (like 1in4 or 33% for example). However, for the most part, unless your song can fit into these constraints you will have to intervene and manually select a patterns and banks.

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