Negative News About Greens Motorcycle Policy (X-Post)

Yeah sorry, that link was for any members to login and second the motion so that I can bring it up in Autumn.

I'm not sure if I'm aloud to post this, hope so! Here are the suggested changes a few members have agreed on.

Here it is:

Background Recently there has been a lot of negative attention online (view example here) and within motorcycling communities, with many people registering just to vote against Green, regarding the transport policy >and specifically about sections TR320, TR321, TR322. Upon further review sections TR066 and TR274 need updating as well.

There are many other reasons to update these sections, such as:

Some people being in rural areas and not able to use pubic transport The potential benefits of encouraging motorcycles as part of a transition towards a fossil fuel free transport system. Motorcycles reduce congestion and are generally more environmentally friendly than cars. More can be found within this thread.

Synopsis This motion is being brought forward to address out of date transport policy and sections within there that may not be considered policy (since it does not state what we would actually do as a government).

It could also have the added benefit of gaining new voters and show potential "on the fence" voters that the green party take notice of what people have to say.

Full Motion Amend TR066 to read: "Vehicle excise duty would be abolished and replaced by the above purchase tax and fuel duties." This is because tax discs don't exist any more, and insurance and MOT are already both checked now by ANPR or manual online registration entry.

From TR274 remove the sentence "Motorcycles and through traffic, including lorries, must not be allowed to use any of these bus facilities." The fact that the facilities are prioritised for buses already >implies that buses would have priority use. The types of vehicles that would be allowed to use the facilities and at what times is specific to the locality and thus local government should decide the regulations according to Green Party principles of grassroots democracy (PB302), this is not a matter for central government.

Delete TR312 since advertising might relate to motorsports outside the context of the public roads, advertisement placement is already safety regulated, and it's basically nanny-statist and petty.

Amend TR313 to read: "We will take measures to encourage a movement from vehicles that result in higher emissions towards lower emissions vehicles and public transport. Emissions testing of all new >fossil fuel powered road vehicles will be performed to this end."

Delete TR320 since it is not policy as it doesn't state an action or decision by a Green government.

Delete TR321 since this is now covered by TR313.

Delete TR322 since motorcycles are already not allowed to use pavements and cycle lanes, and whether they should use bus lanes is a decision for local government as explained above for TR274.

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