Stop Complaining About Gamer Entitlement (via Techraptor)

While what you say holds true, I imagine that this post won't be well-received to many here, and I would like to share my thoughts as to why that is as someone whom both disagreed with this post without finding anything 'wrong' about it exactly.

Part of the problem is that it kinda looks like you're shifting the blame some, your wording at least seems to imply that the people who want a PC port are all making demands of Sony, which at the heart of the issue is incorrect (however since this is only inferred on the reader's end nothing in your post is wrong). The reason for this is because there are going to be a lot of people who want to play the game on PC who might not ever say a word about it, just like there are many people who wish they could play main-game pokemon games on their phone, there most certainly WILL be people are are loud, obnoxious, and entitled but this has nothing to do with this issue but rather the platform. Internet communications are filled with unneeded hostility, as opinions are expressed in mass this hostility will ultimately be unavoidable, the issue lies with a LOT of people expressing their sentiments over the internet and not with the sentiments itself.

Your post however creates a bit of an implied false dictum, that these sentiments are carried more-so by people who are entitled then people who expressed outrage at ME3 and maybe demanded their money back (which I would argue could also be quite entitled). There will be people who are entitled whether you're talking about ME3, Bloodborne, Pokemon, or even if you step outside the realm of video games and maybe into say politics, you'll find people just as hostile as you are here. The entitlement is irrelevant of the issue as it's the result of the platform, discussions on the entitlement, I would argue, are either misplaced (as they should be about the internet and it's use in mass) or an attempt to smokescreen the real issue (a lot of people are willing to pay money for a PC port of this game).

There is entitlement yes, but you can find the same entitlement from many customers in say a supermarket upset by the oranges not being orange enough, the notion of 'gamer entitlement' falsely ties this sense of entitlement to being a gamer when it exists REGARDLESS as to the gamer status.

At least those are my thoughts, I apologize for how rambly I got.

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