Nelson Mandela's grandson slams 'Israeli apartheid'

A loose analogy can still be a valid analogy.

One of my grad school friends was Palestinian and worked there several years before returning to the US. The treatment of a Palestinian well-to-do white collar professional in Jenin, Palestine in the last 20ish years is WORSE than what the African American small professional class went through in the 1920's in the our anecdotal experience.

All political speech is prone to exaggeration, so take anything you read and write off 1/3 as emotional froth generally, but this time, maybe we are on the right track.

2nd free anecdote - there is a small park next to the British parliament that is chock full of statues. The hero of one generation (Churchill) is stuck with his statue looking at his sometime enemy who was the hero of the next generation (Gandhi!) Out of about 20 noteworthy statues, only Nelson Mandela's had fresh cut roses left at his feet.

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