Netanyahu says Trump named Iran’s Revolutionary Guard a terrorist group at his request

dude you couldn't be more wrong about that. I voted for Bush, Kerry, Obama then Ron Paul. So i was a pathetic Bush voter when I was 18. I'm not absolving the GOP because I criticize democrats. You are only reinforcing my point by believing that the democratic party does not answer to the IMF/World Bank Group and still maintain the same DOD budgets and same hands off energy companies.

They will never let Iran keep threatening total control of the Straight of Hormuz while also an enemy of Saudi Arabia and Israel and the Iranian deal wasn't ever going to be the stepping stone of the bread Saudi Arabia and Iran break for peace. It might of eased US-Iran tensions slightly but in that conflict you are always making an enemy of the other one.

I don't think this new Bernie democratic party will be any different than the last new Obama democratic party which wasn't any different than the Clinton democratic party. I completely agree Trump is a different animal because it's been war on destabilization right out the gates on every power structure in the world except one, The IMF and the World Bank Group. I love the enthusiasm and if I was still in college I would be the same way because I felt that exact same way towards Bush and Cheney in 04 and 08.

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