It's never just about a cake

I still remember the day I gave up religion.

I believe it was Mike Huckabee that asked all Christians to line up outside of chick fil a, buy some food, and show how much you love god.

My church, literally, tailgated the opening of our one and only chick fil a. Emails were sent out saying when the chick van was going to pick everyone up.... my name was already set for noon and I never even showed interest in this “movement”.

Well, I didn’t show up because I thought this was a silly way to show how “Christian” you are.

Next day, one elder and two deacons showed up at my door asking why I didn’t show up to the chick fil a day. I simply said I didn’t think it was a good way to spend my little time on this earth. Next thing I know, I’m on the damn “prayers needed” list, and I have people coming to my door asking to pray with me.

I was done. I emailed the elders and told them I wouldn’t be returning. This is the church I grew up in and spent 19 years of my life, so it was heartbreaking. The elders didn’t bother responding to my email and excommunicated me from the church.

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