Never stop taking your meds and stay away from drugs!

Good morning everybody.

Thanks to all for the kind words and the silver.

I've slept glorious three hours and feel like shit but she is save, thats important for the moment.

I've been on the phone with her parents for about an hour and more and more information come together about what happened over the last couple of months. It is unbelievable.

As it turns out she snapped in late january after quitting her meds (Abilify, Seroquel to help her sleep) because some dipshit self called shaman took advantage of her situation. She was self employed and doing well but was never happy with her meds and tried to find natural ways of medication. So this shaman convinced her to try a combination of medical marihuana and a sort of herbal tea.

As soon as she snapped she suddenly had a lot of new "friends". They basically lived in her house and thats when the situation began to worsen everyday. She started consuming cocain, speed and mdma and began to take money out of her business accounts to spoil her newfound friends and her own drug abuse.

According to her father she blew through 100 000 € in two and a half months. He is now in controll of her business and managed to get a look at her accounts.

I can not describe how angry I am at the moment. Taking advantage of a helpless person. Unbelievable.

Now the damage is done and we can only hope that she can forgive herself and start new.

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