It's never too late to find a good man. But you have to be open-minded

The big problem with this is are you just settling after you've had all your fun and expecting the men to just accept all the baggage? You don't need to wait till that late in life to finally lower your standards and realize it's unrealistic. Unfortunately we are in this weird reality where it's so insanely one sided. Men must check every box they have and all the woman has to do is show up. That makes for a pretty terrible relationship because it's not about what each party brings to the table it's purely about one party bending over backwards to appease the other.

Not saying you're guilty of doing any of those things it's just an epidemic that's going on. Women want the bad boy with the good looks in their 20's. Then they hit 30 and start getting the itch to finally settle down. Typically spend the next 5 years trying to still lock down the bad boys and when that fails now it's time to get serious and approach the good guys that are average in looks. That wouldn't be a problem exactly except they still bring that entitlement of what you can give them with very little regard to what they bring to the table.

Just some observations as a mid 30's guys. No idea if it helps or not but hopefully adds some insight.

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