US New cases of Coronavirus level off coincides with Coronavirus data being sent directly to White House versus CDC (July 15)

I addressed this with the ice cream/drowning relationship. The relationship is real, drownings and ice cream consumption are correlated. But that's because more people swim in the summer and eat ice cream. It's a real relationship. It's just not a valid one.

This is probably going to be pedantic, but:

Your argument is:

Landlords are responsible for the utilities in their buildings.

The water was shut off.

Therefore, the landlord was responsible.

Logically "sound." The inference is correct based upon the data. If the premises are true, then the inference must be true as well. So it is real. It can't not be real. This is the problem with inductive reasoning.

True does not mean valid. What was that line from Indiana Jones, "If it's truth you're looking for, Dr. Tyree's philosophy class is right down the hall." In your example, everything is true, but it's based on incorrect premises. Thus, it is a true argument, but not valid, As in, not a very good argument.

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