New MMORPG "Eternal Magic" blatantly rips off map design from Guild Wars 2 for their "Guild Wars" PvP gamemode.

Actually, it’s entirely possible you could design a game on mobile to run and look better than Guild Wars 2. It’s a fun game and all, but I don’t think anyone should pretend that it’s wonderfully crafted. It’s years old and like many code bases, architecture remains old and outdated while things get patched on over time. This is the entire premise of software entropy.

New frameworks are released all the time that operate more efficiently and produce good looking results. Proper coding patterns can be leveraged for integrated chipsets, reducing the load it takes to populate an environment at the cost of asset diversity.

Guild wars 2, in its current state, could never run efficiently on mobile, but that’s not the same as saying a mobile game could never run and look better than Guild Wars 2. It is not a bad thing either, that is the benefit of technology advances. I imagine, in the early days of computing, people also scoffed at the idea of miniaturization of hardware, yet here we are.

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