New to rdr2 online

Well watch a ton of youtube videos..they will mostly cover everything. But off my mind:

You need gold to unlock roles and for outlaw pass. Make sure you keep a daily challenge streak from day 1 for earning gold. Bounty hunter is the only role that pays gold so buy that first. Stranger missions are also a good way to earn gold and cash. Bounty hunter is fun, especially if u like shooting. Trader and collector roles can get super grinding, so always remember to play these with other roles. Moonshiner is the most fun role and enables passive income. For collector role an online map is available so there is no need to purchase maps in game. Search for jean ropkes map online. Naturalist is the most confusing role and it conflicts with the trader role. But that in the end. Best way to play red dead is to have all roles unlocked together so that u have a lot of stuff to do and it won't feel grinding.

Daily challenges reset every day at 11 pm pt. In this reddit cyote jack or dirty tyler post how to go abt it. Check for these posts as it will make the job a lot easy.

Last thing I find the player base in this game the most non toxic of all multiplayer games. People friendly and ready to help each other out. If u meet a player just wave and them and they will wave back. You can team up with other players and play together too. Yet you will occasionally come across players who just want to mess with you. In just cases dont fret much. Parley and move on.

Happy gaming. I hope you enjoy the game and this subreddit as much as I do.

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