Genshin's (side) quest and lore design is heavily inspired by Bethesda's, which is probably why it's such a controversial topic for some.

Lol Genshin's diagetic storytelling is almost nil compared to bethesda. I'm not saying Bethesda is incredible or anything, but Genshin is the absolute poster child for tell, don't show.

I love lore and worldbuilding. I still think Genshin's storytelling is really bad. It's almost all entirely told from the mouths of characters who are standing at a flat angle at TALKING it at you while you occasionally offer a line of dialogue that has no effect on the conversation, and if it's not there then it's on a wall of text. It's not interesting or exciting in the least and takes advantage of its medium in absolutely no way.

These quests are terribly presented and that matters. They're also often insanely preoccupied with errand-chasing that doesn't matter and is boring. They are almost never animated beyond shot/reverse shot dialogue exchanges. They involve an incredible amount of pointless location and time changes that do nothing except drag the quest time out. There is absolutely NO redeeming quality to a quest stage objective that says 'stay put for two hours' like the recent lantern rite one. It's bad. It's the devs telling you to open a game menu and manually fast forward because otherwise the plot they've come up with will seem really thin and quick.

Genshin is nothing like bethesda, unforunately. It's way more like a really, really wordy visual novel.

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