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Ina functional relationship both parties help keep the house clean

This is not true. Again, speaking from a fairly serious singular marital experience even though it's anecdotal.

You fall into specific routines. When the vent hood over the stove breaks, my wife wouldn't dream of researching new hoods, figuring out how to unmount the old one, install the new one, and consider what it would take to actually vent it outside through a hole in our exterior wall. That shit just wouldn't happen ... not because she's a useless idiot with tools, but because I can do all that stuff faster and better. It's a serious mental and physical effort for her to work with tools, and it requires breaking a considerable psychological barrier (she told me so).

For me, tools come easy -- I love them, I collect them, I know how to use them, I enjoy using them. I can swap the hood out (without the venting part) in under an hour.

Now apply the same logic to cooking, cleaning, and blowjobs. Yes, everyone has the capacity and the obligation to do them, but again, remember the "falling into certain routines" bit. My wife, for example, HATES mopping floors in all its forms. She would rather do 5 loads of laundry and cook 20 macro lunches than mop a single hardwood living room. She just naturally gravitates to other stuff and avoids mopping.

Instead of calling it a character flaw and making it into an issue, I just help out, move on, and do other stuff. But what if I loved working with tools (while she hated tools), and I hated mopping, too? I would look for a partner who would want to do the easier stuff (stuff we both can just clench our teeth and do, like mopping) while I go work on stuff she also hates (tools) and I happen to enjoy.

I know it's long-winded and TLDR, but I promise you there's a grain of truth in that highly chauvinistic and sexist joke of an OP post.

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