NGVC: "I like women and they like me - but not enough to sleep with me!" In the newspaper today.

It will be downvoted down to hell i know,

But i find incredible the amount of pure hatred this comment section shows for just a guy complaining for the disaster of his love life.

I mean, i can get it how creepy it is when he said that he would "expect" sympathy. Totally off puting and shamefull. But for the rest i just see a guy that struggle in one core aspect of our lives.

I mean, in basically every group friend i have been into girls slept here and there with other friends in the group, it's litterally written in the article too, they wanted to and saw nothing wrong, but if a man want to? Terrible. Unforgivable. Definetevelly they hang out just for that. (Not saying that men that does it doesn't exist)

It's not written anywhere that he does motorcycle just to be attractive, somehow in here it gets mistaken for just an attempt to 'get bitches', he might just genuine like. Same thing for the 'femminist' thing. Being progressive doesn't remove the needs in a guy. He is it just to impress? Maybe? It's not written to be honest. Light years from an actual incel anyway.

Somehow i feel that at some point was decided that men's need for affection and love is invalid, that the need for sex is totally invalid. I can see why it began, don't get me wrong, but seems that a man desire is a sin and a shame in any case, not just when it is hurtfull and unrespectfull. I see way more hatred toward a guy that can't find a partner and complain about it, than toward a guy that actually use girls for their body and never respect them (i understand that for some of them the difference is just that one can do it).

Point is, for really the vast majority of girls it's really a matter of a couple hour of tinder or a night out parting, or pick up a friend how it's even described in the article, and if they can get some touch or romance. For the men it's not, and these disparity, both in possibility and acceptance, it's what is always unseen. Not matter what you say, the need for love and affection is a need, and it's distressing when you don't have it. We all know, men and women, that we are not entitled to love, doens't mean we don't suffer when alone. We are not entitled to wealth as well, doesn't mean we don't struggle when poor.

I don't see a criminal, just a cringe man, like many. That's it.

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