The Nintendo Switch has sold 19.67 million hardware units and 86.93 million software units worldwide!

I have no doubt that Smash and Pokemon will be massive system sellers, but idk about Super Mario Party. I do know from that it’s Nintendo’s take on party games that’s highly interactive, accessible and fun with 80 confirmed minigames. However it just seems so hard to setup the ideal game that the devs intended, which presumably, requires 4 joycons (pro controllers aren’t supported, like 1 2 switch) and would prompt players to buy another set of joycons, which isn’t so cheap and is honestly just hard to justify. I think it’s targeting a more niche party game audience that while small, is more likely to spend more. If anything, I think the upcoming Monster Hunter will likely move more systems, 3DS diehards might finally transition, the hype from MH World, the fastest selling Capcom game, might carry over, etc.

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