I have no idea how to text

Couple of tips:

  • Text without a filter: everything what most men text to girls, goes through 6482636 filters. What if she get's scared of this? What if she finds this to much? What if..? What if..? Just don't do it. You will get blocked by some, or unmatched. But the girls that can handle it, will love you for it.

  • Sexualize: this is misunderstood by al lot of guys. Don't say something like "Yo you wanna suck on my cock" or something like that. But leave little hints that you do have a cock in your pants. Hard to explain. Example: she sends a gif which shows she's impressed. You send: "Your face when I drop my pants ". And then just lead to another subject.

  • Your timing must be on point: if she replies 30 minutes later, don't text her within 10 seconds. That shows that you're desperate. Put the phone down and wait. My rule: I never text sooner than that she does.

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