By no means a skeptic, but I do wonder about something.

That may well be true but that is not what I commented about to you. I tried to point out that observation in the field (a melting ice cap this summer is hard not to notice) is being ignored by skeptics who instead restrict their comments and criticisms to nit picking models. Models are scientific guesstimates used to puzzle out the causes of prior or future climate behavior.

Skeptics don't answer or respond to questions like is posed by a melting ice cap. They claim ill defined and dubious cycles/medieval warming and medieval cooling in the same breath/and assert that Mars is undergoing global warming (actually that is my but they do not offer proof.

Suddenly those who question the most minute failings of a model's usefulness have no problem excusing themselves of the same burden of proof as they subject others to.

Moreover with this tactic they constantly attempt to switch a debate over verifiable evidence like long term observation and data collection in the field over to arguing caricatures they themselves make.

Science does not rely on a few over the top activists but on raw quantifiable testable evidence. Skeptics consistently try to avoid discussing evidence in favor of straw man castigation.

They will ignore the continuing and worsening situation of the polar ice cap melting in favor of hyperbolic insults and ridiculous insinuations (like that tens of thousands of scientists and professionals are in some conspiracy).

They have no choice but to make themselves into caricatures of rational scientific based people otherwise they'd have to admit what they themselves can see right in front of their eyes.

You can't fake a melting north polar ice cap... so they have begun to ignore it. Look for yourself how they do that. Citing past ices ages is absurd. Citing examples of the pole melting in previous eras is also absurd since the last time that happened was a 120,000 years ago and took a couple of millennia to happen and not only 30 years like we are doing.

A flake wants to be taken seriously but we don't give people who believe half men/half lizards run the government, equal time in political debates. We watch as the skeptics fall away as even they can't escape seeing for themselves how bad it is starting to get and the smarter or saner ones remember that they and their children will have to suffer through the miseries of climate catastrophe.

You may say that statement of mine is hyperbole and I would agree barring my citing some massive evidence in support of my assertion. Climate catastrophe? Why it would take some 'massive evidence' to prove that such a thing is happening? Something really big a melting ice cap! If the north pole starts to melt then call me, they laugh.

But it is melting and they aren't answering the phone!

Odd that wouldn't you say?

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