It's not 2015, it's 1995. Roman Reigns is Diesel, Seth Rollins is Shawn Michaels.

Comparing Roman Reigns to Kevin Nash is a compliment not a criticism given that Kevin Nash

•became one of the biggest stars of his generation

•was catalyst that sparked WCW's ratings dominance over WWF in the Monday Night Wars which kicked off the late 90's pro wrestling boom period & lead WCW to becoming the #1 promotion in the world

•was a major player in arguably the greatest faction & angle in pro wrestling history - an angle he also helped book

•was influential & instrumental behind pro wrestling's shift to more reality based content (In the 90's white boys now listened to rap, Tupac bandana wearing Kevin Nash knew demographic had changed & tried to crossover)

•revolutionised the concept of the cool heel & broke kayfabe with witty shoot comments. WCW merchandised the nWo, heel fans were encouraged - it was pioneering.

•redefined what a giant in pro wrestling could be

Also keep in mind Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, & Roddy Piper worked in front of some pretty sparse crowds during the early 90's wrestling recession. It just happened that Diesel, Razor Ramon, & Bret Hart first headlined at a time when the industry was in a down period. Wrestlers who work in front of sellout crowds deserve credit for drawing such crowds. But wrestlers who work in front of small crowds deserve credit for being the ones working their asses off to get wrestling out of the recession & building a new fan base. Towards the end of his WWF run, Diesel had really come into his own as a performer & it just so happens WCW reaped the rewards of what WWF had built when they signed him.

Kevin Nash in many respects took pro wrestling a higher level than John Cena. Always remember pro wrestling during height of Monday Night Wars was drawing 12 million fans on a Monday in the U.S. & Goldberg was Steve Austin level hot in 1998 - Kevin Nash was just a miniscule notch below Goldberg's popularity as the leader of the nWo Wolfpac.

If Roman Reigns is the next Kevin Nash...I'll take it.

As for the Roman Reigns/Lex Luger comparison - he was also one of the biggest & most successful stars of his era. I honestly get tired Luger bashing. Luger was super over white meat babyface in 1997 & he was the main man battling the nWo on TV, PPV & House shows in 1997 not Sting.

As for the Seth Rollins/Shawn Michaels comparison you do realize that HBK's push was the exact same manufactured push that WWF gave Lex Luger & Diesel? When HBK was on top in 1996, people were changing the channel to the WCW to see Kevin Nash & Scott Hall.

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