Obama: I think Sony made a mistake by pulling 'The Interview'

Ok look. I absolutely understand the anger. I feel some of it as well. However, I can't help but feel slightly worried about the reactionary nature of this website of late. The word "terrorist" has been thrown around, and while the sony hacks/threats might be classified under that category using broad sweeps, I still wonder if we are becoming guilty of the same paranoid fury that has historically always been the fuel of war and violence. Obviously those who speak this way are not insinuating that war is the answer. In fact when it comes to north korea I think most are unanimous that war is not the answer. I can't help but feel, however, that this is once again the response that the perpetrators were seeking. Passive aggressive is a tactic that most see as petty, lacking action or poise, but passive aggression is the only useful response to these situations. What exactly do you think the aim of this bid for censorship was? To keep a movie that depicts the north korean leader as a weak person from seeing the light of day? There are plenty of movies that do this that have been aired without complaint. This is a test to see how crazy we can become when faced with real (or imagined) threats. The only effective response is a passive one. Release the movie, online. Watch the movie online. Do not let it become a hallmark of hollywood excellence. Critique it how you would any other movie. Do not give North Korea the pleasure of us talking about North Korea. Do not let this become a historical moment. Let it die, like any other moment they have ever tried to make. We should absolutely be discussing an intervention into the human rights abuses that the leadership perpetrates on a daily basis, but do not let them reveal that we are in fact a nation rooted in propaganda and media, unable to act until our precious movies are taken from us. This is one movie, and it doesn't matter. What matters infinitely more is that there are countless citizens of that country that need help, that need food, that need basic human rights. We shouldn't be worried about our little movie, or one breach of our astounding rights. We should reach out to them and offer these same rights. We are mad that we cant see our movie, and we should be. We should be more mad that they cant see our movie either.

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