Oh, the irony... It hurts

Elysian Brewing is the company that marketed the line "Corporate beer still sucks" on one of their own product labels. Now they're a corporate brand. If their brand was to be trusted earlier then it now puts them in a hypocritical spot that unquestionably compromises the integrity of their brand which people can rightfully speculate could potentially compromise the integrity of their products.

Yes, I understand that we are throwing Elysian under the bus due to the purely speculative concern that being acquired by a large corporation will affect the quality of their product. This is getting very tedious.

You implied that it's hypocritical of consumers

When did I say anything at all about consumers being hypocritical?

It's about how Elysian Brewing either A.) was wrong about "corporate beer" (from which follows that they could be wrong about other things like brewing quality beer) or B.) was right but is nonetheless willfully being absorbed into a corporation for profit's sake. It's a sadly ironic development (hence the submission title) that either way has compromised their brand (hence all the people commenting about that in this fucking thread)

The comment I replied to is about bars backing out of their partnership with Elysian for Super Bowl events. I haven't said anything at all about Elysian, their labeling, their beer, or whether or not I care that they were acquired. Yes, I do find it pretty ironic that an anti-corporate beer sold out. That's not what the comment was about, though. (Actually, the bars' decisions are doubly silly because, when I put it like that, it starts to seem Elysian would have been the perfect promotional partner!)

Do you finally get it?

Yes, I do. Thanks for helping me understand that you don't care about the Super Bowl, and that you're actually just so pissed off about the acquisition that you will indiscriminately defend anyone who is critical of it. I see now that you're so bent out of shape about this that you actually just can't distinguish between criticism of a business' hypocritical posturing and your consumer preference.

i.e. You don't actually care about the thing I commented on, so you took the opportunity to fuel your own butthurt about something else.

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