Ohio State Attacker Described Himself as a ‘Scared’ Muslim

Very thought out and well written, thank you.

I live in Minneapolis, and I think the VAST majority of the African immigrants here love America, have a great community that supports each other, sufficient work and have healthy lives with loving families and have sex with their wives.

Minneapolis is a very respectful liberal community and we tend to be very friendly to our immigrant neighbors. We DO have some young men/women indoctrinated by extremism, but it's a small minority.

I'll give you a story:

I was once driven in a cab by a Muslim immigrant that I was chatting with. I asked him if he encountered islamaphobia driving, and he told me about the time it was raining and he asked a gas station if he could pray in the back hallway. They let him. A man came in who saw him and got very angry. He told him he was a soldier and didn't want to see that at the gas station. They got into a shouting match, but eventually they both left. He was disheartened by this encounter, and very angry. I told him that the soldier probably saw his best friends blown up by Muslims, and likely had PTSD. I told him that rather than being angry, he should be forgiving and pray to Allah that the soldier finds peace. I also told him that he should be better and not let the situation make him angry, it's simply not worth it. He was touched by my understanding of both of their (potential) situations and thanked me for helping him feel better about the situation.

I fully believe that a peaceful welcoming community can make the difference between extremism indoctrinating these kids or not.

It only takes one person treating you with dignity and respect to make up for a scared and angry person mistreating you.

Minneapolis has SO many Muslims, but only a very small minority end up acting out against our culture. I believe it's because we allow them to live in relative peace inside our liberal bubble. Other communities aren't going to be so lucky if they keep up with their disrespect and fear mongering.

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