Ok seriously redditors, how many times do you poop in a day?

I was visiting a friend of mine with 2 other buddies about half a year ago. We stayed for 4 days. I guess it's kind of a weird question to ask but when we were going to bed for the last night we spent there, the mate we visited asked how it's possible that one of the buddies never went to the toilet for longer than a minute for the whole 4 days. That day we learned that he has a chronic condition which only allows him to be able to shit like every 3 months or so. But when he does he probably won't be doing anything else for the next two hours. The first thing we questioned ourselves was where all that shit went and how that is even biologically possible. His guts seem to absorb way more of the food he eats than it should and still the shit in the piles up like literal shit in there which leads to internal bleedings and tears. Not a nice thing to have I guess. He doesn't consume laxatives because he doesn't like the taste of them.

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