AOC Tells Democrats How to Get it Right in 2020 - “For anyone who accuses us for instituting purity tests,” she says, “it’s called having values. It’s called, giving a damn.”

Notice that I didn't say the word progressive or the noun "Sanders Supporter"? The comment was narrowly pointed to those who chose to opt out after Sanders lost. That fits a number of demographics, not just the ones you've decided that I am "attacking". I also did not suggest it was the sole reason for the 2016 outcome. My point is that it was one of the contributing factors that I hope isn't repeated next time around.

There is nothing unclear about what I said. I AM worried about "The Bloombergs". That's why my request was for unity after the primary. I am struggling so much to understand why this isn't sinking in. It can't just be an aversion to perceived criticism.

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