Out of curiosity, where within our laws does it state that having an expired ID makes you ineligible to purchase achohol?

Its not against the law if the person you are buying for is of age, but it the cashiers discretion to let you buy it. If it could be reasonable to suspect you're buying for someone the cashier thinks is underage, they won't serve you unless they prove they are of age.

I work at the LC. Here's when I say no: you and a friend both look 25. you both come in the store and shop around for a few minutes, both carry something to the counter and put your items down on the counter and ask to pay for it all in one bill. I ask for both your ID's. One has theirs the other doesn't. I say well you're both planning to be drinking and so I can't serve either until I see both id's.

If one person doesn't have their ID and didn't touch anything or bring anything to the counter then I'll just ask your friend to leave the store and let you pay and that's that. If your friend says 'bro can you buy me this 6 pack i'll pay you in the car huhuh thanks brah' then I ask for your ID's and your stupid friend doesn't have it then I'll tell you both to leave. Not making me hate you goes a long way.

Had this happen once: a guy looks about 35. No need to ID him. He looks kinda fucked... sports team hat wide brim, wife beater/stained shirt, torn jeans loud ass walk but a twig figure you know the type. I don't care who am I to judge, might be a great guy. Anyway he walks up with a 40 of vodka and lays it down firmly "I DONT NEED A RECIPT" and he scowls at me. k man, chill. He hands me his ID without me even asking him for it. It says he's 28. But it's expired. "Sorry sir I can't serve you with an expired ID". He got so angry. He said FUCK YOU YOU FUCK and stormed away pushing the automatic door on the way out. People in the lineup just did that seal face and we carried on.

please if everyone could drink less that'd be great.

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