Out-of-work strippers are delivering food through Boober Eats

The discussion (which you think is the purpose of reddit) was about the US. ANY OTHER COUNTRY is off topic. Is that simple enough? Should I dumb it down more?

You're quite a simple-minded person if you think bringing the world into a conversation about a global pandemic is irrelevant, so I find it hilarious how you keep thinking you're absolutely right. Especially on a subject as dull as "is this sentence relevant to the conversation at hand". Like dude, couldn't you debate me on a real point like plenty of others have in this thread instead of wasting my time with this bullshit, but no, your ignorance knows no bounds.

Don’t worry though the world is shutting down start reading, studying, shit even counting on your fingers would increase your absolutely abysmal intellect.

It's funny because you're digging in your heels so deep like a stubborn teenager who doesn't want to clean his room. You're a child, or at least an adult who genuinely acts like one..... When I click your profile and see like 6x+ other dumbass teenage comments like this one. Grow up kid.

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