Pakistan taking part in Yemen offensive on behest of Saudi Arabia

A lot of this talk is claptrap. This is another proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran. Just like SA has interfered in and ruined some regions, so has Iran, and Yemen is their new battleground. Both are equally guilty in their proxy wars which have engulfed the entire Muslim world. Saudis wanted their pro-Saudi regime intact, while Iran started their own power struggle against it. Pro-SA Salafis will claim innocence and the need to counter Iranian influence, while Shias will claim the same innocence for Iran and they will claim that they are helping the oppressed. It's the same stinking claptrap from both sides every time. The Houthi rebels are no saints nor champions of human rights, they are just another group of unwitting pawns in this war. As far as Pakistan is concerned, I don't think they will go as far as entering Yemen, because this isn't their war, and they should not find themselves in the middle of another dirty Iran-SA proxy war. At most, they will take care of border security. Under current leadership, they are far more aligned with SA than with Iran.

Let me also add, that I find it disgusting when Shias are being genocided in Pakistan they feel the need to go kill Shias overseas as well.

Pakistan Army feels the need to kill Shias overseas when the Shias are genocided [sic] in Pakistan? Do you understand what you have written here? You call it disgusting, I call it inventing the greatest victim complex to exist in Pakistan. This is not the reason Pak Army is taking part in this. You can not even name one single instance of genocide against Shias in all of Pakistan's history. Pakistan has seen attacks against all of its citizens, regular sunnis, christians, hindus and shias, but by God the Shias are always the first to give it a sectarian colour when they are the victims. By doing this they are falling into the same trap and are unwittingly fanning the flames of sectarianism. This war's casualties are everyone, not exclusively Shias.

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