This parachute micro-transaction sets a dangerous precedent PUBG corp, tread carefully.

This is an worst case scenario, hopefully it's not that bad:

Maybe they are trying to cash out now. E3 is just one month away, and there is many games that probably will have Battle Royale as a mode, and one of them might be DICE. If DICE decides to show us another battle royale game, it could mean that PUBG will lose a lot of players, and eventually be the end of the PUBG era.

I don't think it people would jump ship so quickly since PUBG has a lot of devoted players, but yet, look how Fortnite conquered the battle royale scen. The only reason PUBG is still popular is the huge player count and them being only realistic battle royale out there. PUBG is still very buggy and has a lot of issues that I just can't see how the developers could fix them. DICE has already shown us that they could make a Battle Royale work very well. 64 players with 144hz tick rate, very optimized, huge maps and very good gun mechanics. PUBG have only the Huge map layed out for them...

Well, as as said, it's just an worst case scenario I'm talking about here, but it can be possible by just looking at what happened before and what is going on with the game now.