Parents of reddit who witnessed their birth of their child(ren), what is the ACTUAL best day of your life?

Sitting around all day while my wife is having contractions while im googling "when do you take a pregnant woman to the hospital?" A few sites said when she has contractions every x amount of seconds for x amount of minutes.

So there i am on the couch with a fucking note pad and my computer pulled up with some sore of contraction calculator stop watch bullshit thing. Every time my wife wife had a contraction she would say "now" then "ok' when it was over. This went on for a few hours and about every 30 mins she would just start crying. I felt helpless.

Next we go to the hospital which was around 11pm. That was the fucking worst. She is in triage crying her eyes out, throwing up in a trash bag, and just holding on for dear life. There was a resident doctor in and he probably had the biggest fingers my wife has ever felt. He checks her dilation and spat off some low number. Then he said ill give her another 15 mins then we will have to send her home till she is futher along. 15 mins comes and go and luckily we were the only ones having a kid at the time so he let us stick around for a while after he checked again. Still not even close according to him. I broke out my note pad and said "Doc! These are the times between contractions and how long they lasted. We arent going anywhere and there isnt a waiting line to get into this place right now." He looks at the pad and says "Impressive." The he goes away and lets my wife have some ibuprophen. Yippeee.

About 20 mins after that her water breaks. Im looking around i see nobody. My wife said that was the worst pain she has ever felt in her life. Who am i to judge? I heard a fucking pop though so ill have to agree. I go knocking on the closest door and nothing. Finally a nurse is just passing through and i mention something to her. The doc comes in and is just leaning against a counter. Causally mentions what the next steps then just has a long pause looking at my wife while she's in pain. I have no idea what the hell is going on but the silence and lack of hustle got to me so i said "WELL LETS GET GOING!"

We roll into the delivery room and she finally gets an epidural and she was finally relieved of the pain. Not sure what the time was but it seemed like forever. I took an hour or 2 so nap and i think my wife was able to get a z or two as well.

The head doc comes in and says it was nice to meet us and they were ready to go. During the delivery im standing there not say much. Just letting the docs and my wife do their thing. I found it hard to get excited and im not the best motivational speaker when there is a dude with a phd wiping shit from my wife's ass while she is pushing.

They hand me the pair of scissors with the sharpest point in the god damn hospital and asked if i wanted to cut the cord. I declined then they said just go for it. I thought i was going to stab my daughter i was shaking so much from the lack of sleep and the events that unfolded. I really didnt need to cut that thing.

The kid was crying and they finally let her have skin to skin with my wife. No 5 seconds after my daughter was placed on my wifes chest she stopped crying. That was an amazing moment ill never forget. But it was just that...a moment. The entire day was absolutely terrible though and i think my wife would agree. As a husband and father you feel absolutley helpless. You cant do a damn thing to ease the pain for your wife. You have to sit there watch the events unfold.

Thats my story.

tl;dr NO!

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