Pat Buchanan on Russia. Stop humiliation now to avoid a 21st century war.

During the 90s and early 2000s we bent over backwards to attempt to build good relations with Russia.

You post starts and it's already full of bullshit, US army boy.

What really utterly sealed the deal ( realizing Russia is a threat to the stability of its neighbors) was it's utterly indiscriminate bombing tactics during the Georgian invasion.

Nah you were just looking for excuses.

The Ukrainian conflict finally terrified it's immediate neighbors into retaliating economically.

US have sponsored and staged a coup in Ukraine. It's funny how no conflicts over decades terrified anyone about glorious USA.

Post 90s our invasions have been limited to Iraq and Afghanistan. We had very good reason to be In Afghanistan, the international community supported it, and our invasion was actually legal.

Judging by the actions in Ukraine these protests should've actually affected the democratic US or even overthrow the government because White House did not abide by protester's demands...but hey, it's double standards over again and more excuses from you filled with bullshit. Legal? As legal as your fucking torture program.

Not to mention we haven't started bombing apartment buildings like the glorious Russian Air Force.

Yeah, instead you leveled entire villages with civilians and bomb weddings.

Iraq is a considerably less clear, and possible illegal. The facts on the reasons for invading are still grey and the who knew what when is unknown.

There's nothing grey about that. It's clearly illegal. But as a true patriot you'll justify all the deaths your fellow americans have caused.

Russia on the other hand has covertly poured armored divisors and spetsnaz over the border to E. Ukraine and regularly lied about it.

And still no proof about that.

They've handed out incredibly advanced weaponry with no training that's being used to commit war crimes

War crimes? Since do you americans care about war crimes? Haven't seen a single one of you prosecuted for it by international community, so why the change of hearts?

Intentionally shooting down a civilian airliner? Warcrime.

Yeah, too bad that neither you nor I don't know who did it and if it was intentional. But I'm sure you've been briefed by your superiors about what you have to think and what opinion you should have about that.

With the current Russian governments behavior it's a threat to global stability.

So far the only threat to the world was and is the USA and it's NATO lapdogs.

Either the government has to change, or we continue to pulp the economy.

Yes, Russian population will be grateful to the goddamn US of A for this treat.

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