Pay back is a bitch

I worked with this older chick, let's call her Mary, she was a complete pill fiend and had just moved to town. Mary got a script of like 120 15s a month, but between her and her husband they'd be gone in less than a week, so Mary would come to me to score pills and subs. I have a direct monthly reliable source for 30s and I can also find pills and subs any time, I was Mary's only connect. Mary was pretty poor and around Xmas needed to sell some of her pills in order to afford gifts for her teenagers. I sold 10 for her the day she got her script, and I had also lent her money to get her script because she was broke. The next day She texted me that she needed to sell 20 more asap, so I went and got the money for 20 and called her. She ignored my calls and texts, so I was pissed off and confused. Plus I had these people's money for her pills and they were all getting pissed. She texted me some BS excuse that she couldn't get out of her house and that she swore she'd meet me in an hour. An hour goes by, she texts me again saying her daughter took her car and she couldn't meet me yet, then literally 5min later I passed her driving her car down the road from my house.

So This woman who I've helped out every month since she moved here randomly decided to lie to me and pretty much fucked me over because now my friends are pissed at me. I lent her the money to get those pills, plus had made her $150 the day before. I guess she decided she wanted to keep her pills, which is fine, but the decent thing to do would have been to tell me she had changed her mind. She texted me to sell her 20 but in the 5min it took me to say" ok I'm getting money now" she couldn't say" oh wait never mind I want to keep them " and instead just lied to me and bullshitted me the entire day.

We Had a system where she would give me 2 15s when she got her script and I'd give her 1 30 when I got my hook up, because her refill was a week before my guys refill so it worked out. And like always she had given me 2 15s the day I lent her money.

So Christmas day rolls around and she's suddenly texting me that her phone had been stolen and that's why she couldn't text me (yeah fucking right) I didn't reply because i was spending time with my family and I was still pissed at her for burning me the week before. I check my phone again and she had been blowing me up apologizing with dumb excuses that were lies and blah blah she'd re pay me soon and she was sorry that those people trying to buy pills were upset at me blahblah and that she was out of pills and really needed the 30 because she was sick.

I went outside to smoke and call her and I walk outside to this bitch and her husband trying to break into my car. There's a spot I'd keep my stash when I was driving so I guess she was hoping there would be some pills in there. Before I had time to say WTF she was gone.

This woman only owes me 40, so the bitch can keep it. 30 of it covers the pills, and the extra 10 can cover all the gas and bullshit and time she put me through when she lied to me and burned me.

I'm the only person that ever got her drugs but she knows a few of my connects because they also worked with us. I messaged them all and told them not to sell to her and they agreed because I am good friends with them. She's hit up each person begging for pills multiple times and they all rejected her and told me about it. She even got so desperate that she recently texted me begging and saying she was sick and offered doubled what she owed me. Fuck that old lady, had I not caught her trying to steal from me on my own property she probably wouldn't be dope sick right now

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