Penn ASW Recap Request

Underwhelming IMO. Campus is beautiful but law school inside and classrooms aren’t anything special. People were friendly. The way Penn advertised itself/the points they boasted about are the same things every school says (maybe minus interdisciplinary focus): collegiality! Great employment outcomes! Look at these fun extracurriculars! Wonderful teachers! Like yes, but that’s a given. What makes Penn legitimately special? I don’t feel like they did a particularly good job of selling Penn over other T-10 schools. That’s not to say it would be a bad choice by ANY MEANS, it’s an incredible school with a lot to offer, the ASW was just overall meh (to me). This point is not about the school at all, but there were quite a few admitted students attending that seemed very very immature, and made it feel like an undergraduate event at certain points. Kind of surprised me but I don’t think it would be different at any other ASW necessarily since it’s such a large group of people and some are bound to be like that

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