Pentagon whistleblowers say they were fired or suspended for reporting sexual assault cover-ups: "People are afraid"

You're arguing with him, he isn't arguing with you. He mentioned that this has been discussed multiple times, both between him and his daughter, and his wife and his daughter. Both of them have argued against it. Their daughter remained firm on her choice.

He obviously loves his daughter, but he respects that she has the right to make her own choices. He can't stop her from signing up. The only thing he can do is try to make sure she is informed before she makes her decision.

There are only two options. He can support his daughter with her life goals, or he can fight against them. If he continues to support her life goals, she will continue to trust her father. If he pushes too hard against them, he could create a rift between himself and his daughter.

That rift might prevent her from reaching out to him when she needs him most. He cannot risk that.

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