People old enough to remember life pre-Internet, what are some less obvious things you miss about that time?

Maybe a bit obvious, but video stores. Like the event of going and the store it’s self was a staple lot of people’s lives and we took it for granted. All of them, Blockbuster, local chains, even the mom and pop video stores, like the kind in smaller towns or tucked away in a residential street. Every weekend wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the video store, it was the best. I miss them. They would have those bags of yellow ass MSG popcorn, and all sorts of gas station snacks. And that’s another thing, like gas stations would rent movies too, some still do but it’s just not he same. Streaming ruined that experience, for better or worse. Renting games was sick too. Some of the smaller ones made pizzas.

Now that I think of it, the era of the internet before video streaming will go down as a very brief but interesting phase of the worlds relationship with internet and video consumption. I wonder if that era has a name.

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