People of Reddit, what happened during your childhood that was so hilarious, even thinking about it today can make you suddenly burst into laughter?

My great grandmother is as old fashioned as you can get. She lived through the Great Depression, refrained from many modern conveniences for far too long, grew all her own produce, and literally cooked everything from scratch. And when I say scratch, I mean she made things that were literally the ingredients to the thing she was actually cooking.

Rewind to like 2004 after my mom had a pretty big surgery and my great grandmother came to stay with us for a week to help everyone out. I told her I wanted a pizza one night and showed her where the pizza was in the freezer. After reading the directions a few times she puts the pizza in the oven and we waited. She gets the pizza out of the oven, cuts the pizza up, and tells my brother and I to wait until it cools off.

She ends up taking the first bite and simply states that it was good, but just a little tough. My brother and I take a bite at nearly the same time and both explode with extremely obnoxious laughter. She had put the pizza in the oven and didn’t realize there was cardboard underneath it. To this day my brother and I chuckle every time we have to take a pizza off cardboard before we cook it.

TL;DR: my great grandmother cooked a pizza and left the cardboard underneath it. Couldn’t figure out why it was “a little tough”, nor why I laughed obnoxiously for an hour.

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