People who moved out very young, pre 18. What do you regret, when do you feel you finally made it?

I moved out with 17, hell I regret it... I moved out at that time because I tougth my parents are the problem...

Well now I know that I was the problem: Noone wants to live with me because I have a desructive aura and I love to fight.

I moved out without any support and I breaked the contact to my parents. For 1 year I lived with punks in an occupied house and I took a lot of drugs and I did a lot of shit to get money to pay the drugs.

I poisened much kids (I was a kid at that time too).

Hell, there is this one day when you know that you "come to the earth" aka. when you really born (as germans use to say) = finally you realize that everything around you is real. I knowed that everything was real but I lived before like in a dream.

I pointed countless times a gun to people. I was nearly dead because a gun shot and I stopped counting how many times people pointed a gun into my face... Two friends of me died and I stopped taking drugs "to honor them".

This one day changed my life:

I remember the minute (but not anymore the date when it happened): It was 11:11.

I was in a park (I was everyday in this park) and an older guy came to told me that he knows that I'm everyday here (I didn't beg for money but one look at me was enough to say that I dont have a place to call home).

We came into a deep conversation (until the sun was going to be dark, so we talked at least 8h+) about the world and god. I told him everything what he asked for.

I didn't know that he was the CEO of a small company. He offered me a trainee job as software developer with a diploma: I accepted.

7 years later I can call myself a software developer with a secure job.

But it was just luck! Others didnt made it...

Im a social guy and I dont have any trouble finding new "friends"/contacts but the most can't endure me (I have a very destructive nature), thats why any friendship with me breaks after max. 2months -> I stopped searching for friends.

So if you are considering leaving your parents: Don't do it or just do it when you have a "stable" relation with your parents and only if you have a job and an appartment, otherwise it is very easy to fail and be the bottom of the society.

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