Philip Brailsford, coward and murderer of family man Daniel Shaver, rehired by Mesa PD

You say that but police officer has pretty consistently been polled as the most trusted and respected profession in the country in most western countries for decades now.

The LGBT community in my country like us so much that when the self identified Marxists running the Auckland Pride Parade banned police from attending tens of thousands of LGBT people boycotted it and traveled to Wellington to march in their Pride where police were allowed to march as well.

and I've lived long enough to know the type of people that become cops

LGBT people who want to be in a position to protect other LGBT people from violence, harassment and self harm? Check.

You bastards do so much more harm than good to the communities that you're supposed to serve

I'm guessing you're playing the race card there yet the police in my city have saved countless lives by destroying the supply of synthetic drugs that have been plaguing the Maori population here for a decade.

I also know for a fact that we've done heaps to help the LGBT community, I have a vested interest in reading the police reports of incidents involving LGBT people and know first hand just how many lives we've saved, how many assaults we've prevented and how many suicides we've stopped.

Wannabe soldier tough guys

Police don't even carry guns in my country so that one falls a little flat mate.

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