Photos from the same locations compare glaciers from 1920 and today.

While you are correct about heating and cooling cycles. Scientists have pulled ice cores out of glaciers to test catbon levels over vast periods of time and have found much more carbon has been deposited on these glaciers only after the industrial. If you know anything about carbon in the air it os a very dangerous green house gas allowing shortwave in and also trapping longwave radiation from escaping.this inturn heats the Earth since it recieves radiation but cannot release it back into space. The problem isn't a general heating or cooling problem, it's the rapid acceleration of heating. These pictures should be alarming no matter when they were taking. Glaciers do not move this drastically from season to season only over a long period of time were they melt more than they accumulate. The thing everyone needs to worry about is the massive amout of freshwater being dumped into the ocean that because it is not salty it can disrupt major ocean currents which has a drastic effect on just about everything that occurs in our atmosphere. People like to look at very miniscule events such as a record cold day or a couple months of unusually cold weather and immediately write off climate change. The problem is there is a massive time gap between weather amd climate that those that deny climate change seem to be ignoring. The jury is out on this one everyone who has devoted their life to studying this agrees it's not only happenening but that we are approaching a teetering point. You amd I may not see the most drastic affects of these changes, but further down the line of humanity they sure as hell will. We see it, we are being warned about it, we live in a time where we can salvage it, why not try? The absolute worst outcome possible by living a more sustainable life is that climate change is a myth, but we have a cleaner planet with safer drinking water and a healthier environment, how are people still against this? The only people who sell climate change as a farce have their hand in oil pockets, those being political and media figures not anyone with any background in a scientific career field.

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