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To the person making the request:

• Be sure you are registered or your post will be removed: Register Here

• Please list all assistance received in the last year

• Consider obvious solutions: Call 211, r/borrow, pawn or sell something, extra job, donate plasma, food banks and churches, thrift stores, ask friends and relatives

• If you are being harassed, do not respond. Report it to the moderators

• NEVER delete a request – Contact mods for help removing

To the people commenting

• If you have no direct assistance or encouragement to offer, keep your opinions to yourself. You are not allowed to conduct a personal trial of the OP. Doing so will result in a ban. If you choose not to help and/or deem the OP unworthy, move on and do not contact them further

• Report scamming attempts to mods. Include solid proof; including links, screenshots and statements from the parties involved. Saying this person may be a scammer, is not considered proof.

• There are those you can see that are off. Our givers aren’t stupid. They can see it too. But as long as OP follows subreddit rules, they will be allowed to post. They won’t get any help so just leave them alone and move on. No need to chase them across the corners of reddit or launch a removal effort

/r/Assistance Thread