Would like to help out

My son and I could use the assistance in the worst way. Single mother who recently left a relationship that was not healthy for myself or most importantly my son. I had just begun to feel like a decent mother again and then I got word on Monday that my number one source of income, my full-time job bartending / waitressing at my tavern was coming to an end until further notice due to COVID-19. I relied heavily on my nightly take-home tips to fund my life for myself and my son and this was just ripped away from me without further notice. I did apply for unemployment yesterday, but I'm terrified not knowing when and if I'll have funds available by time our cabinets run bare. My part-time job at the state liquor store also ended yesterday at 9:00 p.m. so I am now completely void of employment while trying to keep my toddler as well as myself nourished. It is such a struggle, this would help us out more than you ever will know. If it was just me I would let things ride but my 2year old deserves so much better than I can offer him right now and this crisis has put me further back than ever. Thank you for being kind enough to post this offer.

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