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K’ara and Zongo I finally found out, were their names, they were the leaders and the ones who had gone forth to take us away. They had picked up just about every language spoken worldwide by observing us. They had for hundreds of years and none of us had noticed a thing, we were all awed and were very envious of their capabilities, the way they had just swept us away. Just being an average Joe, it was hard for me to get a word in with any of them but finally after clawing my way to the front I started conversing with one of them. They had leathery skin, wore silky robes if they weren't in full body armor ready to fight off any counter-actions. Their faces were long and came to a point, almost like a snout, but were a bit flatter and less sculpted, and they had no hair anywhere on their bodies.

They walked on two legs and had the body shape of humans, but had four arms with webbed fingers and toes.  They didn’t need to eat and had a very fast metabolism, but had us bring food so we could survive on their home planet, wherever that was.  They were all a metallic silver and blue with red sort of freckles scattered on their skin.  Their eyes were all milky white and reflected any light you shone onto them in a very peculiar way. I was speaking to one of their higher ranked Exos as they called them.  He told me about how they have had advanced technology with capabilities humans couldn’t even imagine.  They had made many scientific discoveries we couldn’t dream of.

They had evacuated us in 700 large spaceships each carrying approximately ten million people each, which was mind blowing just thinking about how large the ships were but they had one very peculiar aspect.  From the outside they seemed to only be about the size of a whale, but once you walked inside it was massive, the size of an orchestra hall but the walls were rowed with seats and small screens in front of each one, which would inform each and every one of us what was going on.  It didn’t help me much and thats why I ended up talking to this exo.  All I got from the informative text was that their race was called Maridians, and they came from the circumbinary planet in a spiral galaxy.  

After what seemed like an hour the ship slowed and we were all told to exit the craft, we all lined up to exit and I heard gasps as people walked onto the planet.  As I walked out someone behind me asked what it was like, and I could honestly find no words for what was before my eyes.
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