"The police officer who shot Walter Scott radioed in to claim that Scott had 'grabbed my Taser', six seconds after firing his final shot, despite video suggesting the unarmed man was not in possession of the stun gun at any point"

It might be racism, clearly there is a race issue in terms of number of stops all the way to number of shootings.

Having lived there, I gotta say, it definitely is racism in my mind at least. This doesn't happen to white people in Charleston SC; I'll put it that way. Are there other factors too, even perhaps greater factors behind this? Yes for sure. But racism is one.

But I also think there's an issue of the cops seeing all of us a "the enemy"... Shooting a man in the back might actually be acceptable in a war zone.

This is a huge problem too.

But this isn't a war. This is America. We are Americans.

While I wish you were right, the politicians, pharma lab's, and police unions have been using the term "war" to refer to police matters for decades (though many would rightly call them mental health matters, by law they are police matters). What I mean is the "drug war." It has been pumped up and enforced cruelly for decades, with each President and most Governor's worse than the last. The newer war, "the war on terror," for as long as that continues, may see us with war-minded police even long after the drug war is won (assuming one day libertarians win and drug abuse is treated as a health problem and not a police matter... which itself is a huge assumption).

While I hope that we can say, "This is not war, this is America," some day, we can't say that yet. Or at least I can't. I hope I can soon. Not today though. America Herself has worked long and hard to make sure LEO's feel that they either are at war or potentially will soon be at war with too many innocent, non-violent Americans for decades and generations now. We are at war; we are in wars of our own creation. America is now synonymous with war. And in most places the boss has looked the other way when the enemy was abused. If we want that environment to change, there is really only one way I can think of at this point. We need to put cameras on the monsters we have created, fire them when they have repeat "malfunctions" as many will, and do everything in whatever power we have to change our laws and policy when it comes to non-violent "crime" in our statutes and individuous discrimination in police matters.

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