Is it possible for a man to be rude to a woman without simultaneously being sexist?

a.) A man skipping the queue in front of a woman.

It's sexist if he did it because she was a woman.

b.) A man swearing at a woman or insulting her.

It's sexist depending on why he's swearing or insulting her. Is he swearing/insulting her because of something she said? or is he swearing/insulting her specifically aimed at her gender?

c.) A man burping, farting or making otherwise obscene sounds near a woman.

Not sexist at all. Unless doing it with the intent to make the woman feel awkward and unwelcomed.

d.) A man not holding doors for a woman. (This one may be trickier than the others...)

Not sexist. It's a common courtesy to be opening doors for people. Opening a door for people based on their gender, or the systemic view of one gender needing more help than the other? That is a part of Ambivalent sexism (often unintentional).

e.) A man interrupting or raising his voice in conversation with a woman.

Not sexist. Although rude, and if he's doing it specifically to women, it's likely what he's been taught to do that, whether he's aware he's doing it to women or not. (note: A lot of your questions seem to ignore the implication of systemic sexism, which is often passive and difficult to call out since a lot of the time it's not intended, but a product of our culture.)

f.) A man bumping into a woman and not saying he's sorry.

Once again, not sexist.

g.) A man heckling a woman who is giving a speech.

Depends on what he's heckling her about and why.

Also, you're questions once again lack nuance to understanding how systemic sexism works: A lot of the times, men will bump into, interrupt, heckle or insult a woman without being aware that the likelyhood of a woman being insulted, heckled, bumped into or interrupted increases simply based on our cultures perception of gender and shows an unintentional lack of respect for that gender's representation.

h.) A man dismissing a woman's opinions or contributions without considering them.

See embolden comment under question G. Not sexist, but a contributing part when it happens too often.

i.) A male salesman or promoter aggressively badgering a woman to get her to consider his product.

See embolden comment under g. Not sexist, but a contributing part when it happens at a higher consistency to women than men.

j.) A man telling a woman that her clothes or appearance look ridiculous.

Not sexist. see bold comment under G, though.

k.) And finally the original one: a man taking up too much space on public transport at the detriment of a woman.

Christ almighty. not sexist, although the question fails to recognize the cultural significance that allows men to spread-em, and shames women for doing the same. Systemic sexism is often hard to identify and not easy to call out since it's an accepted idea that is rarely questioned.

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