Possibly over and out

We tried to be friends for a year after we had sex. That's what he wanted from me - friendship and intimacy/cuddling. I thought I could handle it. The physical need never subsided for me. Every time we were together, there was a yearning. He'd give in after I pressured him, and I could always tell he wasn't in to it (guilt). It would crush me every time. Then he'd avoid me and act distant.

I had to break off the friendship because it was destroying me. If you end up in tears all the time, it's just not worth it. I wasn't going to suppress my needs/emotions in order to satisfy his. I'll always love him, and I will miss his friendship. But if he really loves me, he shouldn't want me to suffer, right?

Looking at your post history, we are the same age as you and your AP.

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