Postgame Thread: Orioles 11 @ Blue Jays 4

my point is with the current team as it is we cant make the postseason.

Wrong. Your original point was even if all our hitters had career hitting years we wouldn't be able to dig out of a 2-10 hole. Which is laughable. You seem to have forgotten your original point so I urge you to use your eyes and read it once again. I think you'll find most people on this sub agreeing with you that the CURRENT team is screwed, but that wasn't even close to the point you were making.

People are overeacting to this in such a melodramatic way its unreal

Literally nothing I said was melodramatic, it was all factual based on your dumb comment.

justifies all the shit people say about toronto sports fans

We definitely don't need your kind with that type of attitude. Go be a pink hat Red Sox fan, no one will miss you.

This is not the end of the world, a rebuild isnt a horrible thing, not making the playoffs this year isnt an unfathomable tragedy

Literally no one is acting like this. You're delusional.

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