Professor making $167,000 a year tells students that statistics aren't allowed and sources must come from feminist literature

$167k? I know professors that do valueable research and work like 80hrs a week and don't get near this. This "write a paper that pleases my fe fe's" crap is disgusting. Seriously, I know a lot of people here are pissed at scientists because of all the fake ass/altered climate change research and also it sucks how cucked universities are. I'd never do this science crap for their pay. I'm so happy I changed my mind about research. Everyone I know is stressed out all the time but so dedicated and honestly oh about half cucked. Most don't have the time to follow or care about politics. I know a couple I'm sure make more money than this but we don't chat on the phone. We are "aquainted". Every post doc or professor I know is in engineering or biology or some type of chemestry (biology or engineering) and some went into MD but at least started MD/PHD. Leftovers from a different time in my life and I can't imagine any of them spouting off political views at work. I've asked a few about it and they say it's really common and now and they just assume everyone thinks the same. I know some cool PhDs and this kinda crap pisses me off. They are giving everyone a bad name and I guess colleges have gotten so cucked people like us are a minority. We can't speak up. The couple I asked about it said they just have to play along because if you don't get tenure then basically you're fired and a lot of that process is a popularity contest. That's BS! It should be based on accomplishments. But I guess that's the world in which we live. This publish or die stuff may need an extra look. I believe in science and engineering. People toss a fit over space exploration but if I'm not mistaken we got microwave ovens and MRI machines out of that. Science and meducine are places where I'm cool with hiring the best, even if it's not an American. We want the best for these areas so we stay on TOP. These unprofessional professors using their positions to push a political agenda needs to STOP! Everyone I know in these areas that I've spoken with agree and I do know a few I don't talk to much that I'm scared to ask. I was at a party recently and got bad vibes in this area from 2 Canadians but a woman from South America (the country escapes me now) actually brought up the Dakota Access and the immigration thing (this was right before the initial EO) and she seemed to be mostly all for it and was very receptive to my view points. She pretty much seemed like she had been woke but her present company made her need to ask for a dose of red pill. I didn't catch if she was a citizen. Only that she had been here legally a long time and her husband too. No offense to Canadians here. I know a lot of you are sick of the way your country is going too. I have several old friends and pals that went into acedemia and most are not following politics. They are all work work work. Even they feel uncomfortable when a tiny bunch brings this stuff up at work/work function as if the rest will just fall in line. I'm not saying stop conversation at work but it's sad when good people/workers can't have a differing opinion for fear of losing their job down the line. Tenure needs a revisit. Everyone wants it. But if it's partly a popularity contest we are always going to get some crappy folk and lose some good folk. That's no good. Honestly I don't know a lot about tenure but I know it gets abused and I know the process towards it can be flawed and I also know it can be good. I know enough to know maybe it needs to be looked at. In a world where people get fired for saying things on facebook but not in class, you might think tenure protects everyone from that but it doesn't. Feels like just one side. But, honestly I think a person should remember that they represent their employer to a certain capacity when they are off the clock. However, supporting the current president and your country first shouldn't be a punishable offense. No matter which side you are on.

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