[Profile Review] I'm having some trouble

Try not to take it personally. I say this as someone who falls insanely hard for dating profiles only to get no reciprocation. It's just how I'm wired. The thing is, when I do eventually make a connection, it's pretty amazing. I'd rather have 2 or 3 mind-blowing connections than dozens of mind-numbing ones.

I just started dating again a few weeks ago and have had a dozen proper conversations that fizzled out quickly. I could probably have moved most of those into a coffee date had I wanted to, but I wasn't feeling it, so I didn't bother. Another guy might have just gone out for the hell of it, or to see if there was more of a connection in person. At a certain point, you have to decide what you want and what you're willing to do to get it. If you think you need practice or whatever, start casting a wider net, keep the chitchat to a minimum, and make the move to a face to face right away. Some (many?) women don't want to have a text conversation and may ghost if you don't suggest a date quickly enough.

Here's a thing I figured out recently: While internally bemoaning the fact that people seem to use okcupid like Tinder now, I was wondering if there was a way to get more women to read my profile to get a sense of who I am rather than rejecting me on photos alone (my photos are terrible) when I realized that I don't want to date someone who doesn't read profiles. That's a top-level compatibility issue. The girl I'm looking for is the one that not only reads my profile, but can keep up half of an easy-flowing conversation relating to the things we've each written about ourselves.

I'm finding almost no one I'm interested in on okc right now. Of all the people I've interacted with or viewed (feels like every profile in my filter criteria) I've only been seriously interested in two, and one deleted her profile before I could send her a message.

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