Project Thread Thursday - 2018-11-08

I haven’t got as much as experience as I’d like to as I moved away from the city where I helped start it up, and it’s still a little wobbly there.

But start small - figure out a place where you can cook (where the kitchen would be big enough - we used a community centre), decide on a day of the week you’re gonna do it, figure out the times - have enough folk to make the meal and at least a couple for distribution. Try and make sure the food can stay warm(ish) when you’re distributing, as well as plates it might be a good shout to have some boxes one of you can go hand out to people who might not know about the distribution spot. Print out flyers and think about the conversations you want to have with people so it’s more than an outdoors soup kitchen.

We did a small fundraiser so we can get a table and a few other things before doing the first distribution, but based on the resources you have or things you can borrow that might not be necessary! Things like rice etc are more difficult to get for free as they don’t expire, so you might need to buy some. Oh and keep it vegan, so if the food bank has meat you’d want to give away, do that separately I guess.

Don’t know how helpful any of this is or if it’s just v basic but hope all works out well for you!!

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