The Promise now has 86,553 reviews on IMDB for a movie that has only had 3 public screenings. WOW!!! #ShameOnTurkey

I'm not condoning the actions of Turkey. But I heard that the Armenian genocide wasn't really a genocide. What happened was the Armenians tried to overthrow the ottoman empire while being citizens in the empire itself. The Turks didn't like it and fought back, slaughtering a lot of Armenians in the progress.

It would be the modern day equivalent of all Russian nationals living in Ukraine suddenly starting a coupe to take over the Ukraine and Ukraine responding back harshly by slaughtering all militants and decimating any trace of the resistance. Bad stuff happened, but it wasn't a genocide in the traditional terms as with for example the jew in Germany.

But this is what I heard, not from some Turk. Don't remember the source, it was some famous American professor I think, who kept insisting that the term genocide didn't apply to the Armenian genocide for those reasons. That it was a bad war, but not the helpless slaughter it is made out to be today. He seemed to give a pretty nuanced view on the matter.

Anyway not sure if he was right, still an interesting perspective on the matter.

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